RexCraftia 1.13.1

By [Owner] REXThor a
REXThor @ RexCrypt
- Posted Aug 21, 18

Minecraft 1.13.1 was recently released. This update includes a huge amount of bugfixes for 1.13. I have been spending a lot of time preparing the 1.13 update and we are getting very close to a release. The aquatic update broke a lot of internal systems in plugins, that is why it has taken so long to prepare the update. Almost all server plugins are ready for 1.13 and you can expect the update to release soon. We have added support for 1.13.1 clients in the meantime but it is still recommended to play on 1.12.2 until we fully update.

Please note that 1.13 and 1.13.1 is basically the same versions but 1.13.1 has important bugfixes. Plugins that work on 1.13 also work on 1.13.1. So, the 1.13.1 update should not delay the update to the server.

The server is expected to update to 1.13.1 within a month or two. I am doing my best to get the update ready as soon as possible. Please remember that I would rather provide a stable server instead of rushing a release that might be full of bugs. After updating to 1.13.1 we plan on purchasing advertising for the server to increase the number of players. On top of that I will start pushing a lot of new content to the server. The next 12 months will be very exciting for the server. Please note that I am currently on my gap year which means my spare time has increased significantly. I will now be able to develop many more updates for the server. I have listed a few of the planned updates that are planned to be implemented into the server in the future. Please note that the list is not in any particular order. I cannot say which project will be added first or last.

Planned future updates: (After the 1.13.1 update)
- Aquatic Crate (With tridents and 1.13-related features)
- Improved raiding (Alternative raiding methods)
- More mob crates (Received from grinding mobs)
- More spawner types (With better rewards)
- Stats (Keep track of actions such as crates opened, etc…)
- Quests (Complete tasks for rewards such as extra fusions, etc…)
- Pickaxe Crate (Pickaxes that can mine faster, 3x3 mining)
- Duel Update (More info coming soon)
- PvP Tournament Update (More info coming soon)
- Ability to fusion seasonal artifacts.
- More dungeons and boss dungeons.
- More prime crates.
- More artifacts.


Thank you for playing RexCraftia.

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