RexCraftia 1.13

By [Owner] REXThor ao
REXThor @ RexCraftia
- Posted Jul 19, 18

RexCraftia 1.13

Minecraft 1.13 was recently released, so you might be wondering when this server will update to 1.13. I have probably fixed over 100 bugs in the last 2 days on my updated 1.13 plugins. I have made a lot of progress but we’re still far from a full update. This is probably the biggest update that I have ever experienced as a server owner (over 5 years). Maybe it doesn’t look like a huge update from a normal player perspective, but from a developer perspective it is considered the same size as the last 4 previous updated merged together into one huge thing (1.8 to 1.12). The internal changes are very significant, and I had to make huge edits to most of my plugins.

What is next?

We must wait for the Spigot team to release their official 1.13 Spigot build. Once they do, it will be posted on the frontpage of Currently I am still updating my plugins using their 1.13-pre7 build, but it is very buggy and it would be impossible to fully update the server before the final 1.13 Spigot build is available.

I am an experienced developer, but I have not created every single plugin on the server. We also have to wait for original developers of specific plugins to update their code. Plugins such as Factions, mcMMO, SilkSpawners, etc. Giving the fact that the Spigot team released the 1.13-pre7 build early, the developers should have plenty of time to work on the updates. If they take too long to update the plugin, I will have to try to update it myself. This is possible but could delay the update even more.

We are not going to update to 1.13 before we are able to provide a smooth experience on the server, so for now we would recommend you use 1.12.2 to play on the server. I am also in the process of testing the possibility of adding 1.13 client support to the current 1.12.2 servers. I cannot guarantee this will happen, but I will keep you up to date. Servers that currently support 1.13 are experiencing a lot of bugs so we want to avoid that until it is more stable.


Thank you for playing RexCraftia.

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