Material Generators

By [Owner] REXThor a - Posted Jan 29, 18

Update to Material Generators.

You can currently use fusion points to upgrade artifacts and material generators. Artifacts have a capped scalability as you don’t necessarily need to use more fusions on artifacts when you have a full set of max rarity gear. If you are a collector or just want backup artifacts, you might want to use more fusions on artifacts, but it doesn’t increase the total efficiency of the items. The problem with Material Generators is that their efficiency is infinitely scalable which has made them too overpowered. You keep on benefiting from material generators as you upgrade them. Fusion points play a major role on the server and until recently, it has only been useful to spend your fusion points on material generators. The solution to the problem is to give material generators a capped scalability, just like artifacts.

Material Generators will no longer be able to indefinitely generator ingame cash. A Material Generator will only be able to produce a limited amount of ingame cash depending on the tier. When the amount is reached, the generator will turn into a Broken Generator. The broken generators cannot produce ingame cash but you can use 3 broken generators of the same tier to fusion them into a working version of the next tier. A broken max tier generator (Currently tier 5) can be repaired by using one fusion.

This update allows me to push further updates to material generators. With a capped scalability to material generators, I might consider adding more tiers as the efficiency can be controlled.

Please note that it is not allowed to complain about changes to the server. If you have a complaint, you can privately contact me, and we can discuss it. This change has been made to balance the server in the long run. This might be a frustration in the short term but consider the bigger picture. The purpose of the update is to improve the server.

Thank you for playing RexCraftia.

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