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The server is running on 1.9.4 but 1.9 and 1.10 clients can still play!
We have decided not to update to 1.10 at the moment.
We will wait for the next major update which will be revealed at Minecon 2016.

Market Update
You can go to spawn and find the market stall behind you. Click to open Market.
In Market you can buy and sell items. Including artifacts.
You are only able to have a limited amount of items for sale at once.
Rank up your legion rank to unlock a better limit for items.
You can use /market add <amount> <price> to sell items.
Example: Hold a stack of cobblestone and use /market add 32 1000
That will put 32 cobblestone for the price 1000 for sale.
If someone buys your item you will get a message, even if you are offline.

Fusion Update
Fusion is a way to obtain higher rarity artifacts.
With Fusion, every artifact can be useful.
If you look at the lore of an artifact you can see its rarity and what crate it is from.
For example the Ender Bow MK. Is an 'uncommon' from the 'void crate'
If you have 3 artifacts from the same crate with the same rarity you can fusion them.
This means you are also able to fusion 3 of the exact same item.
You can use fusion once a day. You get a new fusion if you have used it the day before.
You can also buy additional fusions at the webstore.

New Dungeons and Bosses:
- Added new boss: Rainmaker (Difficulty: VII)
- Added new boss: Rohzark (Difficulty: VI)
- Added new dungeon: Dungeon IV (Difficulty: IV)
- Added new dungeon: Dungeon III (Difficulty: III)
- Added new dungeon: Dungeon II (Difficulty: II)
- Added new dungeon: Dungeon I (Difficulty: I)

New Crates:
- Spaceless Crate (June)
- Virulent Crate (May)
- Xur Crate (Buyable in /shop xur)
- Ascension Crate (April)
- Descension Crate (April)

Recent updates:
- Improved /warp pvp. Now you can enter a PvP tunnel system.
- Added /forge options. A way to toggle which way you get your crates.
- Added /dismantle options. Prevent you from dismantling the wrong items.
- Added /toggleparticles to toggle artifact particles for higher rarities.
- Re-added /artipot. A way to gamble your artifacts.
- Punishment applications are now private. Click 'Appeal' for unpunishment.
- Added Abyss Legend rank. Check out the webstore.
- Added /welcome. Rewards for welcoming new players.
- Added /board. Use /board to toggle for useful board information.
- Added /commands. View locked and unlocked commands.
- Dungeon drops has been buffed.
- Voting rewards has been buffed.
- Freerank kit has been buffed.
- More unlisted updates.

Thank you for playing RexCraftia.

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