RexCraftia 1.9 released

By [Owner] REXThor a - Posted Mar 26, 16

RexCraftia 1.9 has now been released!

Simply use Minecraft Version 1.9 and log on the server as if you would normally.



  • Server fully updated to 1.9 with 1.9 features.
  • Server Map Reset, new custom generated map.
  • World Border is at 10k.
  • Re-make of most artifacts and artifact crates
  • New artifacts and artifact crates
  • Artifact armor sets are buffed
  • Obtainable artifact shields
  • Obtainable artifact elytra
  • New Boss system /boss
  • New 1v1 Duel system /duel
  • New Chat Manager system /rcc
  • New Home system /home
  • See damage you receive with /damage
  • Added /warp duel to spectate duels
  • Added /warp PvP
  • Probably forgot something...

Any update that was planned, but not released yet is still work in progress. More updates will be working soon. I hope you enjoy the new version of RexCraftia. If you find any bugs, please report them so they can get fixed.

Thanks for playing RexCraftia.

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