By [Owner] REXThor a - Posted Feb 28, 16

Minecraft 1.9 is now released, this means we need to prepare for RexCraftia 1.9.

RexCraftia 1.9 will be very exciting and I have many plans for future updates.




  • Quests give rewards for doing activities.
  • Compete with other players.
  • Easy way to learn about plugins while being rewarded.

Boss Dungeons (Combination of Bosses and Dungeons)

RexCraftia 1.8:

  • Dungeons are great but people just run through them for the reward.
  • People steal the loot from other players when killing bosses.

RexCraftia 1.9:

  • Boss Dungeons will open every once in a while
  • People have to kill mobs for rewards
  • Boss spawn after X mobs are dead
  • Players are rewarded based on the damage they dealt to the boss.
  • More bosses, more mobs, more loot.


  • Remake of existing crates.
  • Dozens of new crates.
  • Artifact shields
  • Dual wielding artifacts
  • Elytra artifact?

The End

  • Possibly building enabled in the end.
  • More possibilities in the end.


  • Fair system to 1v1 other players.
  • Option to enable/disable auto-givebacks.

Chat Manager

  • Disable death messages.
  • More unrevealed options.

Home Menu

  • GUI for homes.
  • Easy way to manage your homes.

Seasonal Sam NPC

  • ???


  • ???

It will most likely take up to a month or more to update the server, it is difficult work to update to a new Minecraft version. Please note that the updates may not be working or fully added on the opening of RexCraftia 1.9.



What is a server reset?

A server reset is like a fresh start. A new custom generated map, ready for you to explore. It also opens up for many possibilities. You will lose your items, your legion rank, your bases, your faction and your money. It might be sad to lose all your progress, but it will give you so many new opportunities. If you donated for a rank or a specific perk you will of course keep that, this also counts for mob arena classes.

Why we need this.

I personally would love to re-make every single artifact crate on the server, to rebalance things. This is something I cannot just do right now, I would need a reset to be able to do something like that. Some artifacts should be removed and possibly replaced, to make artifacts more unique. Artifact armor is too underpowered in my opinion, so I would like to change that too. There are many more things like this I need to take care of.

It can be unhealthy for a server to not have a reset for too long. This map has been running for over a year now and it has been a great run, but it is really about time for something new.

I understand that many players will most likely disagree with me doing this. If you at any point on RexCraftia felt like this was an amazing server, you should have the faith to trust in me. My opinion is that this is the best for RexCraftia. For me to continue developing great content for RexCraftia, I need this to happen.



“There is going to be a server reset?!” “Why should I even play on RexCraftia now?!”

You play the Apocalypse.

To spice things up a little bit and make the last days of RexCraftia 1.8 interesting, we will be launching apocalypse mode. 

Apocalypse Mode Features:

  • TNT re-enabled in claimed land, so this means you can raid brutally during the apocalypse! (This will take place on 3rd of March 2016)
  • Beta-test the quest system with /quest
  • Mob Spawners will give cash rewards!
  • Higher artifact drop chances!
  • Drop parties will be improved!
  • You will be able to forge Tier 2 Crates!
  • You can get Tier 3 Crates from bosses!
  • Xur Crate price decreased to 400k!
  • More money from mobs!
  • Unlock ALL mob arena classes during the apocalypse!
  • Difficulty set to Hard!
  • Several events!
  • Day before release of RexCraftia 1.9 we will blow up spawn together!
  • More? Who knows ;)

Thank you for playing RexCraftia.

If you feel like posting something related to this, please look for the RexCraftia 1.9 Megathread.

If you complain about the update ingame you will get muted, feel free to complain in the megathread.

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