Some of the artifacts from the void crate has been changed to make raiding easier. The teleporting artifacts will now also be able to teleport through blocks, this means you can use it to enter a protected base.

Changed artifacts:

  • Endemic Absenter
  • Endemic Depletion
  • Voidfall Striker
  • Voidfall Stormer
  • Endage Desertion
  • Endage Antiphon

After a long time of consideration, I have finally made a decision to change factions.


The Problems

I believe the Factions plugin is purely pointless on RexCraftia right now. Here are the issues:

  • Claiming a base makes it vulnerable due to faction map
  • No point in inviting players to a faction due to betrayals.
  • Players barely trust each other, they are too afraid to be raided.
  • You have no way to defend your base if you get raided offline.

The Factions plugin is made for teamwork, but when everyone puts his or her personal vault here and there, it does not really represent that.


The Future

In the attempt to fix these issues, explosions will now be disabled in claimed areas.

  • Claiming a base will make it more safe than an unclaimed base.
  • Inviting players will up your max faction power, make your base more safe.
  • You will have a way to defend your base from being raided.
  • Bases above ground are more safe.
  • Should encourage teamwork.

This does not mean raiding is impossible. Raiding will be more challenging, but will also make it more fun and interesting. Killing faction members to lower their faction power will make it possible to over claim their faction base. When it is unclaimed you can use explosives to raid them. This means you have to infiltrate an enemy base and kill the members in order to raid it, also giving the members a chance to defend themselves. You can also raid a faction with inactive members. Wait for their members to be auto-kicked for being too much offline, then attack their base when they are low on power.

Other Faction changes:

  • Power per death changed to -4
  • Power per hour changed to +2
  • Faction max power changed to 300


Feel free to leave complaints, suggestions or questions in the forum :)


Other recent updates to server:

  • Cataclysm Crate released
  • Ascension Crate released
  • Xur Crate released
  • You can now sell items to Xur, use /shop xur
  • Re-added /disenchant for Chaos Elder
  • Added Iron Golem spawners to Xur and point shop
  • Added YouTuber kit, get YouTuber rank with /youtuber
  • Added MailBox system, send items with /senditem.
  • Buffed mcMMO limits.
  • SkyBlock released, use /server skyblock
  • New GUI for /kit
  • Added /recipe to /freerank
  • Added /ping
  • Fixed nametags still showing when invisible
  • Fixed resourcepack loading (ish?)
  • Normal mobs now drop artifact material. False


Also note that the summer sale will soon end.

Thank you for playing RexCraftia

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