By [Owner] REXThor a - Posted Mar 15, 15

Update – Dismantle, forge and get rewarded!

Hello! I can finally introduce you to some new epic features on RexCraftia! You might have noticed the small changes at spawn…

Dismantling Artifacts

  • Tired of the countless useless artifacts? You got the same steel katar a million times? Well now, they have a new use! You can now dismantle artifacts to receive artifact materials. You get more artifact materials by dismantling rarer items. To dismantle an artifact, go to spawn and find the dismantler, then put your artifact in the dismantler and press the button to dismantle it. Make sure to have space in your inventory.

Forging Artifact Crates

  • Now what do you use the artifact materials for? Well simple, you can use the materials to forge artifact crates! Currently each crate cost 20 artifact materials to forge. To forge a crate, go to the forge at spawn and click on the crate you want to forge. Then press the button to forge it.

Artifact Crates

  • There is a variety of artifact crates! Currently only a few of them are obtainable, and more will become obtainable later. At spawn, you can find the crate selection showing the different crates. Right-click a crate to view its possible drops. How does a crate work? Well basically when opening a crate it will randomly pick a rarity between uncommon and extinct, then from there it will pick any of the artifacts in that crate matching the picked rarity.

Artifact Materials

  • Currently you can only get artifact materials from dismantling and killing special mobs. I plan to add more ways of obtaining these materials so it will become easier to forge crates.

Other Recent Updates

  • Added a new automatic boss system with rewards. Try command /boss check.
  • Added a new automatic dropparty system, with many different types of dropparties check /dp.
  • Added a new small pvp arena in spawn called Pvp Pit.
  • Added a bunch of new artifacts.
  • Added /commands to check what commands you have access to.
  • Added /news to view latest news and updates on the server.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.

Thanks for playing on RexCraftia. If you find any bugs or have a suggestion to something, please let us know!

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