Update and Christmas Sale.

By [Owner] REXThor a - Posted Nov 30, 14

Hello. It has been a while since I have done of these, but here we go.

It is now the time of Christmas, so to celebrate it, there is a sale on the donation packages that will be active throughout December.

Since last time many changes has been made to the server.

  •           World reset with a new custom world.
  •          Legions that specializes in a specific play style. Upgrading your legion rank has many benefits.
  •           Server has been updated to a version that accepts 1.8 clients.
  •           FactionPlus which adds new commands such as /f rules and /f announce
  •           Ability to steal 1% of a player’s money by killing them.
  •           Wooden stairs can now be used as chairs.
  •           New donator perks such as /unname, /unlore and /kit builder
  •           You can obtain a YouTuber rank by making a YouTube video of the server.
  •           Custom mobs now spawn in all worlds. Custom mobs have special loot drops.
  •           The Nether and The End are more difficult, but more rewarding.
  •           New Artifacts has been added.
  •           A player market has been added, players can rent booths and sell stuff using ChestShop.
  •           More rewards for voting has been added.
  •           You will receive 60 seconds of protection against mobs when you respawn.
  •           Probably some more stuff that I forgot.

I have many plans for awesome future changes and additions to the server. Any suggestions are also very appreciated. It might take a while before the server will be updated to 1.8 and actually allow 1.8 features. Currently 1.8 break most of our plugins, so it is better to wait for them to be updated. 

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