By [Owner] REXThor a - Posted Sep 2, 14

1.8 was released today and brought a bunch of new things to Minecraft. RexCraftia will stay 1.7 until bukkit and the plugins are up to date and working. So for now you’ll have to use a 1.7 version of Minecraft. If you don’t know how to do downgrade your Minecraft to 1.7, then read this.

- Open Minecraft, click "Edit Profile”

- Click on "Use version:” and pick any 1.7 version of Minecraft.

- Click "Save Profile” and then click "Play”.

I am currently working on a bunch of new 3D models for the texturepack. They take time to make but look incredible. I hope you’re just as excited as me, just remember to be patient. Have a good day.

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