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Hi! My ingame name is Sub_gamer_X. I am applying for the only current server (Rexcraftia) and I do have discord.(Syconic#1358) I am currently 14 years of age. My time zone is Central daylight time, and I can be on about 15 hours a week. (about 2.14 hours a day) I have been staff on multiple servers and have ran a server of my own at one point. I am not currently staff on any other servers due to the owners letting their server die before they have had a player.

I think Rexcraftia is overall a good server. (if your into battling bosses and artifacts) I had started off when there was four servers instead of one. I played in rexcrucible a lot (R.I.P. btw) and got an Extinct artifact but then, crucible was removed and that triggered me and I didn't play for over a year. I then came back after talking to rexthor a bit and thought, "this server isn't so bad after all :d"
I want to be staff to help I can offer the server all kinds of help. No matter what the problem I will help them with! I can also help new players find their way around their server and give them great info on how to decide which crate is better.
Posted Apr 7, 19 · OP · Last edited Apr 11, 19 by sub_gamer_...
Based on your responses to questions 9, 10, and 11, I'm not able to deduce whether this application is some sort of joke or a bad attempt at a "funny" staff application...

Regardless, please format your application to include all the questions from the original template and make sure your grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling is on correct, as this is a professional application.

Best of luck.
Posted Apr 8, 19
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