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Todo360's staff application

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Hello everyone,

This is my staff application:

[1]: Ingame name?

[2]: Which server do you want to apply for? (Currently only RexCraftia)

[3]: Do you have Discord? (Yes/no)
Yes (only mobile)

[4]: Your age?

[5]: Which country do you live in? (Time zone?)
Australia (AEST)

[6]: How many hours a day can you be online?
Around an hour a day, maybe a bit more on the weekends

[7]: Have you previously been staff on a server?
No I have not

[8]: Are you currently staff on other servers?

[9]: What do you think of RexCraftia? (A paragraph is expected here)
Rexcraftia is an awesome server, with many unique features monitered by a great staff team. I really like the many events at different times, allowing players to never get bored and always have something to do. The Rexcraftia communnity is also great as there are many well known players that play everyday. They are very kind and did help me out when I first joined. Rexcraftia is the only server I played on since I got back into Minecraft and I would definitly say it's one of the best servers ever.

[10]: Why do you want to be staff on RexCraftia? (A paragraph is expected here)
I want to become staff on Rexcraftia to help the newly joined players (the tutorial is boring) and help them around the server. Everytime I join I see players in need of help, and there often isn't a staff online during the time I am on. I want to be able to make sure the chat is always clean and spamless and that everyone is having a good time on the server.

[11]: What can you offer to the server? (A paragraph is expected here)
I can offer the server my services. I may have not been on the server for the longest time, (only around 5~6 months) but I am very familiar with the many features and aspects of the server and am able to show new players around and introduce them to the server. I have a substancial amount of knowledge of the server mechanics such as the bosses and money system. I am often available on discord so I can help out players even if I'm not home. I will always be looking to improve on myself and will try my best to make the server a better place for everyone.

Thanks for reading :)
Posted Apr 6, 19 · OP · Last edited Apr 6, 19 by Todo360
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This application looks well ordered and it haves an good amount of detail, I like the way how you answered question 11 with really clearify sentences.
You look like a kind person, but I think you could help more players out.
Good luck.

Posted Apr 7, 19
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Thanks! With helping out others, I try my best, but usually when I'm online there's like only 5 other people online... lol
Posted Apr 7, 19 · OP
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