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Hello everyone

This suggestion just came to my mind, and we're missing new artifacts. RExthor does a great job at giving us new crates and all but I think we should host a forum event, where players have a month to suggest a new crate. the suggestion it self would be sent to a Staff member or the host, so people wouldn't have the bright idea to go look for inspiration in someone elses work. I think the prize could be like the voting competition, win 20$ coupon for the server shop. It would be an original event that could be hosted every 3 months or so, which would be enough time to give a good quality work.
The event would consist in giving an accurate suggestion of a new crate under this template : Name:

Item Type:
Weapon/Tool Abilities:

You can find all the possible abilities here here or you can even suggest a new possible ability because "everything is possible with programming" - REXThor himself said those words.
I think this event could appeal to most players, and specially older players who have played a lot with the old crates.

Let me know what you think in the comments
Posted Mar 13, 19 · OP · Last edited Mar 13, 19 by Subscribe2...
Emerald Crate
Posted Mar 13, 19
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If someone has an idea for a crate/artifact they suggest it here:

That being said i think getting rewards for a good suggestion and will encourage people to think of ideas but there might be some problems. One of the problems can be who will be picking the best suggestions.

The person needs to not be bias and most mods/admins would probably be bias. Thor can make it so the person that is rating not see the person that made the suggestion but, for example I am good friends with a mod and he gets picked. He/She tells me that they got picked and i tell them what i suggested. If Thor would be the person that picks it he will probably not going to pick suggestions that are from people that have caused alot of hassle for him.
Posted Mar 14, 19
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I agree with the fact that the judges need to be impartial while choosing, but REXThor adds crates to try and balance things like certain crates who are a bit too good. But REXThor ,even if the person has been a complete idiot and has a jerk behaviour, has to stay neutral to the crate choosing as it's something for the server. And let's not forget freemdom of speech. One is free to talk as long as his words don't break rules.
Posted Mar 14, 19 · OP
Sub2Felix, Thor is not biased towards the suggestions he gets, if he likes one it will be added, he doesn't base them of the person suggesting them
Posted Sat at 02:03 pm
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