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The first question was, Ingame name? My ingame Username is pokemanlunala.

Your next question for me was, Which server do you want to apply for? RexCraftia is the server I'm applying for.

The next one you had for me was Do you have Discord? The answer is yes and my username is pokemanlunala #5775.

The fourth question you asked was Your age? I'm twelve, going to be thirteen in a month, I do see that my age could be a problem, But I promise that it will not take away from my performance at all.

Your fifth question was Which country do you live in? I live in the United States Of America but I do live in Alaska so my time zone is Alaska Standard Time.

The sixth question that was asked was How many hours a day can you be online? I am normally on about 2-4 hours a day on weekdays, But no weekends I'm on 3-5 hours there are exceptions though.

You asked your seventh question with Have you previously been staff on a server? No, I have not.

The eighth question asked was Are you currently staff on other servers? No, I am not, And am only interested in RexCraftia.

What do you think of RexCraftia, Is question nine. I absolutely love RexCraftia. The staff, Most of the people, And the gameplay is truly the best in my opinion. The staff is truly some of the most polite people I've ever had the privilege to talk to and are very helpful when you ask any question they almost immediately respond with the answer. Now the people oh how I love the RexCraftia community most of the people are amazing thair are bad eggs though but when they are rude the staff step in and tell them to be polite. The gameplay is the best factions gameplay out there true original factions. I love it so much I have gotten a couple of my friends to play it and I recommend it to all looking for a good factions experience.

Why do you want to be staff on RexCraftia? Well, I love the server so much and I want to help so much on the server. I have nothing to do with my time after school and the server is a very good way to pass time and help other people. I would love the opportunity to learn about the staff role on a server I enjoy and am knowledgeable about.

What can you offer to the server? Many things actually since I am no it a lot I can monitor more often than I would normally. I understand the server very well and therefore I can help well and consistently. I am very polite on the server and already help out a bit and can help out more as a staff member.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this
hope to hear from you soon
-Alan Borton or pokemanlunala
Posted Mar 10, 19 · OP
in my opinion this was very good! I considering adding a bit more to your last questions considering they are supposed to be long. But other than that I think this was very nice and you seem very nice too!
Posted Mar 10, 19
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Thank you for your advice and am going to fix this as so a possible and am looking forward to hearing the full response. I must now fix my errors in my application and thanks to you I know how to and thank you supremely for your time and effort. :)
Posted Mar 11, 19 · OP
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