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I have a suggestion for new bosses I am going to try to edit every day.

The Trader
The area would have something similar to villages
This boss would only contain 2 areas, With only one mob except for the boss. The boss would be a villager, (ik it sounds weird but I have a cool idea for it) and the mobs would be vindicators.
The vindicators' hp would be pretty high with a hp of 400. His weapon would be a great axe that deals poison IIand wither II for 10seconds.
The villager would have pretty high hp with 10K hp. The villager has resistance II and speed I. And now comes the crazy part. The villager his abilty would be to spawn 10vindikators when he loses 500Hp. And he can't be hit whenever there are vindicators in the are in the area. (I don't even know that this is going to be possible)
I think this would be a hard boss due to vindicators spawning during the boss fight. The vindicators would give like 30K per kill and 2strange mats. The villager his drops would be low because the vindicators spawn so frequently. You would get 50K per 1%. It is low because the main source ff money you get is from killing the vindicators that spawn. You would get 5strange mats every 1% and 1crate every 4%
There would be a new crate made for this boss. I don't have figured out what weapons it would be. The boss weapon would be extinct called the trader's soul, yes this is an emerald given buffs and damage of regular extincts.

As you can see in the name this would be a enderdragon boss. This boss wouldn't be the normal boss you know, the boss would be a event that happens at a certain tiime.
I have a idea that doesn't need to be applied. what if we give the players the ability to fly and let the dragon fly around.
The dungeon would only have the boss fight because it would be so hard.
There would be ender crystals so the dragon can receive health. The boss area would be end theme.
The dragon would have a CRAZY amount of hp and very high attack damage. The boss has a faster attack than normal. Whenever a player is hit he would get either poison II for 10sec Poison II for 10 sec Flame II 10sec or wither II 10 sec The boss has a special rule: if everyone in the boss is dead the boss restarts (not the cooldown but just the boss). There would be a description saying bow recommend. The boss item would be either a dragon head or dragon egg. I think this would be the hardest boss. Because off the long couldown and the difficulty would the money be 1-2M every 1%. It would give 20strange mats every 1%. The boss does NOT give crates because they would be given a special item that they can trade to a crate if they have enough like colossus. The items would be dragon breaths. You would need 10boss items 30dungeon relics and 30solomn to get the crate. You would get 1item every 5%. I don't know if this is possible but pls make the item untradable. Because off the difficulty i think the crate should contain arcane+ rewards. I don't have the names/buffs yet but i know what the weapons could be for the armor a dragon head elytra dia leggings and dia boots. The exticnt weapon would be axe and hammer the crypric would be normal sword and the arcane an axe. The drop rates would be normal.

Bob the builder
The boss would have 5waves. The boss would be enderman(cause he can place blocks) and the mobs would be spider/cave spider.
The enderman would have a moderate 8000hp and wouldn't have a sword/armor, because the boss has a diamond block as the weapon it has massive strength. The spider would have a hp off 300 the no armor and weapon does apply here because have you ever seen a spider with a sword/weapon. The cave spider has speed II and has a hp off 400. The spider and cave spider would start in a 60-40 rate. The dungeon should start with 2 mobs and goes up with 5every wave. The boss would give 75K for for 1% and drops 1crate every 3% And the mobs give 20K per kill, and would drop 1-2 strange mats. It would be a new crate but idk what to put in yet.

Mrs. puff
This boss wouldn't be the normal boss you know.
The are's would be completely submerged in water. The boss would be elder guardian and the mobs would be gaurdians. There would be 5waves. The guardians would have a low hp of 300 because their attacks are really annoying and almost undodgeable. The boss would have 9000Hp because off the attacks. There is a catch to the boss fight. There would be a coupple off guardians that you can't hit sitting around when you are in the boss area. The attacks would be moderated so it won't be too hecktick. The mob should give 60K every 1% and should give 3strange mats every 1%. And off course there would be a new crate and idk what to put into it.

The mob items would be:
For the trader An emerald with buffs that is extinct.
Nothing for hydra
For bob the builder a sword that allows to teleport with a faster cooldown than xenthous
For Mrs. puff a fishing rod :d

Edit1: Added money gained/strange mats gained for the kills.
Edit2: Made a item list and tried to suggest new crates that fits the boss.
Edit:3 Lowered the ammount off money you get because it's way too much compared to cortez.
Edit4: Made an edit list

This is all i have for now
Pls reply with ideas

Glowing things

Posted Feb 16, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 23, 19 by ___Lifeles...
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I actually like the first boss idea, the second does have alot of negtive points on it.
First I think a enderdragon is to big for a normal dungeon.
Second it will be to hard with these hp, dmg and healing.
The boss with the villager seems like a nice one!
I don't have anything to say about bob.


Ps, you could add information about the crates and artifacts (boss item) the amount of material and the amount of money a player recieve.
Posted Feb 16, 19
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Posted Feb 18, 19
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hope some of your suggestions get put in, might need a little tweaking but good overall
Posted Mar 25, 19
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The first boss is a yes from me.
Posted Mar 25, 19
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