5.Central Standard time, Oklahoma
6.it depends but usually 5
9.I think its a great server and i play it with my friends and we have a great time and we built a base and we go mining. I think Rexcraftia is a very fun server and i love to play it all the time. i spend at least 6 hours on it with my friends. I thinks its great because me and my friends can build base's.
10.Because i want to help out and answer people's question's and see what they have to say about the server and if people are hacking i will ban them. Just today i thought someone was hacking and i told a staff member.
i helped this guy find where something is today he was grateful.

11.i can build i can ban hackers i can answer people's question's and try to give them a answer. if someone ask's where something is i will tell them. im a very good builder and if you need something built ill help do it. Im learning how to code and i can code once i learn. I can make things in the shop if yall need anything.