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5.Central Standard time, Oklahoma depends but usually 5
9.I think its a great server and i play it with my friends and we have a great time and we built a base and we go mining. I think Rexcraftia is a very fun server and i love to play it all the time. i spend at least 6 hours on it with my friends. I thinks its great because me and my friends can build base's.
10.Because i want to help out and answer people's question's and see what they have to say about the server and if people are hacking i will ban them. Just today i thought someone was hacking and i told a staff member.
i helped this guy find where something is today he was grateful.

11.i can build i can ban hackers i can answer people's question's and try to give them a answer. if someone ask's where something is i will tell them. im a very good builder and if you need something built ill help do it. Im learning how to code and i can code once i learn. I can make things in the shop if yall need anything.
Posted Feb 10, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 10, 19 by SmallMoose...
Hello SmallMooseGaming,
First of all, make sure to add questions with your answers so it would be easier to understand for the reader. -1.0 for that matter.
Second, you did not add any detail or time into making your application. Questions 9, 10, and 11 each have only 1 sentence which is not even close to a paragraph even when combined. On the "Application Template" it says that a paragraph is expected for each of those questions. -3.0 points for that. (paragraph consists of at least 5 sentences and you have only 1)
Third, make sure that you are helpful on the server while you are not a staff member. This is also very important if you are serious about becoming staff. Being helpful now is what will show us and the community what you are capable of.

thanks and good luck!
Posted Feb 10, 19
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