[1]: Ingame name? Movingdantdm
[2]: Which server do you want to apply for? (Currently only RexCraftia)Rexcraftia
[3]: Do you have Discord? (Yes/no)Yes
[4]: Your age? 18
[5]: Which country do you live in? (Time zone?) CST
[6]: How many hours a day can you be online? 8-9 hours
[7]: Have you previously been staff on a server? yes an owner on a small little server
[8]: Are you currently staff on other servers? nope
[9]: What do you think of RexCraftia? (A paragraph is expected here)It's a great server to play and have fun on new players like me once just feels welcome and the staff are extra nice to old members and new don't get bully and killed every time they go out for food.
[10]: Why do you want to be staff on RexCraftia? (A paragraph is expected here)I have wanted to be staff on a server and I have been on rexcraftia for a long time but a few weeks ago my windows 7 pc died so I had to get it repaired so I could no get on but besides the point I have wanted to become staff I have YT rank on the server and I would like to start a series on my channel about catching hackers and I decided to choose your server to do this series but I need helper it will bring players to the server .
[11]: What can you offer to the server? (A paragraph is expected here) I can offer the server free advertising and helping the server be safe from cheaters so it's a fair game for all plus I am very nice never been banned from the network and I can translate Japanese to English and I can substitute for a dev anytime so say Example Fungumgaming went out sick I could be there for him so I can do my job and his job at the same time.