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DarkBaca98's Staff Application

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[1]: DarkBaca98
[2]: I want to apply for RexCraftia
[3]: Do you have Discord? Yes i have discord my tag is DarkBaca#2539
[4]: Your age? I am 15
[5]: Which country do you live in? (Time zone?) I live in the UK/GMT
[6]: How many hours a day can you be online? 2-3 hours daily because of school more on the weekend.
[7]: Have you previously been staff on a server? Yes i was admin on a server before it shut down. MadnessMc
[8]: Are you currently staff on other servers? No i am not staff on any other servers
[9]: What do you think of RexCraftia? (A paragraph is expected here) I think RexCraftia is a unique spin on factions it is a fun server to play with friends i like the concept of dungeons to grind money and upgrade your gear i also like the fact that some of the dungeons need like 30 or 40k gear score which is good so new players cant just go in and die straight away.
[10]: Why do you want to be staff on RexCraftia? (A paragraph is expected here) I want to be staff on the server because i want to help the server iv'e seen lots of rule-breakers on the server and want to stop the spammers from advertising other servers also i can ban hackers and stop them from ruining new players experience of your server.
[11]: What can you offer to the server? (A paragraph is expected here) I can offer staff experience and can help keep the server clean from hackers and spammers i can also read ban appeals and help organize events for the server i can bring 2 years of staff experience and can help new players around the server if they need help with anything.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Application
Posted Feb 9, 19 · OP
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DarkBaca98 Your staff application lacks detail with run on sentences and a few punctuation errors. On top of that, I have never seen you online at all, and to apply for staff it's not so much the application that matters, it's more helping out on the server and getting recognized at the same time.

If I were you, I would help in chat more as well as become more relevant on the server before applying for staff again.

Good Luck.

Posted Feb 9, 19
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Bad punctuation like velilo said
Posted Feb 9, 19
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