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Some of my suggestions part2

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The latest forum threads are overwhelmed with staff apps and reply's off staff apps, some of them are really good but I just want that suggestions would come up more, so I decided to post some of my lil suggestions.

1) Please make it that you can't craft minecarts with hoppers, Chests, Furnaces and make making all kinds off rails, Minecart possible. I want to make a coaster so big that it would be bigger than a couple of chunks. I can't make it however because of the current minecart.

2) Adding more spawners.
The husk and stray spawners are a good addition to the server however I think if the server would have like 3more spawners a regular player can have, That people would be more interested into buying those spawners and getting them up to level 10. Make the prices like +10mil every new spawner. If it would be so expensive people would grind to get those spawners I can assure you that the players would get less bored.

3)Adding new ranks
The current number off ranks is a good number however as I said with point 2 people don't have a real goal when they hit preator. You can grind to buy stuff, build a base or get top on the leaderboard but be honest don't you guys have sometimes the feeling off boredom on the server. With new ranks, people would grind for it and it would give the server a better look.

4)Making xp useful
I don't know how and for what atm but I really just wanted to bring this up.

5)Adding a player shop.
I want this to be added because I am too lazy to craft the things that I need for making some really epic things. If this would be added people have a better chance to buy what they need and sell what they don't need. You don't need to be in their fac because here is a plugin that lets you access ta a player shop where people put their items in. This is kinda a market but with much more room to place your items in and you can add more than a stack.

This is all I have for now

Glowing things

Posted Feb 8, 19 · OP
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In my opinion, The only ideas here that could be of use to the server are, ideas 2 and 3.

First of all you don't need to make a roller coaster, and it's quite irrelevant to be able to craft rails. XP is pointless, if weapons and armor already come enchanted way beyond the ability of the Enchantment Table, and the server does not need a player shop. If the staff wanted to add something like that they already would have.

Thanks for the Ideas though!
Posted Feb 9, 19
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