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applying for builders due to ur owner askin

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[1]: Ingame name? astron1252

[2]: Which server do you want to apply for? I would like to apply for rex craft I do love this server alot

[3]: Do you have Discord? yes Buttoncoyote7#9365

[4]: Your age? I'm 17

[5]: Which country do you live in? California (Pacific standard)

[6]: How many hours a day can you be online? usally 5 to 7 hours

[7]: Have you previously been staff on a server? yes I have been staff on cosmic pvp I was a builder for there team I was known back then as black league

[8]: Are you currently staff on other servers? no it's been a while so I just got back into minecraft

[9]: What do you think of RexCraftia? Tbh I believe this server has the capability to rivals cosmic. This server touches the mindset of many PC players if we were advertised alot more this server would have so much more people. This server I feel with the right hands and great view will become the server of the year so I would definitely like to be part of ur staff team or family.
I mean those are my thoughts.

[10]: Why do you want to be staff on RexCraftia? like I said prior to this paragraph this server is ideal and it seems to set a mark with different parts like the dungeons and the events it is a good server so that's my reason for applying. my reason for being staff is that I would like to be a part of this so I would like to help u guys out with anything u need. I would say that I feel that this server appeals to me. I saw this yt video and I was hooked so I would seriously find my self in a position to apply cause I do love this server.

[11]: What can you offer to the server? I mean rather then my great building my readiness to be on and my responses are quick.(sorry not a paragraph dont have much to touch in this topic)
Posted Feb 3, 19 · OP
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A staff application is not required to be a builder. Contact REXThor on Discord @REXThor#5449 and he may whitelist you on RexCivil, our creative build server. Further instructions may be provided by REXThor. Thread locked.
Posted Feb 11, 19
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