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I never got my rank

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I recently (5 days ago) bought a rank for the Rexcraftia server on Minecraft but I never got my rank I have waited 5 days for it and I never got it I’m still the warrior rank and I purchased the abyss legend rank because it was on sale for a good deal but I never got it please help me I know I put the right username and everything I never got it thank you!
Posted Dec 31, 18 · OP
Ingame ranks are different from donor ranks. Ingame ranks are something that everyone have and are able to change with ingame money, and include Peasant, Warrior, and Praetor. You can view all the ingame ranks using /ranks. Donor ranks are shown as a separate tag on your username in chat, such as [AL] or [AT]. Please check if this tag is beside your name when you speak in chat. If not, contact REXThor (the server owner) on Discord @REXThor#5449. Thanks for playing RexCraftia.
Posted Jan 1, 19 · Last edited Jan 1, 19 by [Admin] kazhays
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