RexCraftia Relaunch

[Owner] REXThor a posted 18 hours ago

RexCraftia has just been reset!

Important notes on the new RexCraftia map:

  • New generated terrain
  • Fly will be disabled for the first 24 hours
  • Infinity artifacts will be disabled in the beginning
  • Raiding type will be changed to a new type of raiding
  • Added a new currency called generator points
  • Added custom spawners that can be upgraded
  • PvP tournament (Weekly PvP event with great rewards)
  • Duel Update (2v2, 3v3, more settings)
  • Added tunnel crate
  • Many more updates on the way

Donator ranks and commands

If you had a donator rank or command on any of the previous servers, it can be transferred to the new map. Please contact REXThor if your rank or commands did not automatically transfer.

Server version and performance

We have decided that the new map will be running on 1.12.2 for improved performance. You can still connect using 1.9 to 1.13.1 but we highly recommend using 1.12.2 to avoid bugs. The reason for this, is because 1.13.1 has really bad performance. We can provide a much better experience on 1.12.2. If we were to optimize 1.13.1 we would be forced to remove major gameplay mechanics such as artifacts, crates, fusions, etc. As a compromise we decided it would be better to keep the custom mechanics and stay on 1.12.2. This is unfortunate as it would have been nice with 1.13.1 features but in the end, we are able to develop much more extensive content on 1.12.2. without having to worry about performance. This will improve the server. We can hold many more players and run more advanced plugin mechanics on 1.12.2

Custom spawners

We have decided to completely remove the silk touch spawner plugin. You can no longer silk touch a normal spawner. Any standard spawner will just disappear when broken. From now on, you can instead purchase custom spawners from Xur. There are a few available mob options, but the expensive spawners will give a higher reward. When a spawner is placed, you can open a menu by right-clicking the spawner. You can upgrade the tier of the spawner to increase the health and in game cash reward per mob. Any custom spawner can be picked up by breaking it. No special tool is required.

Factions and raiding

Raiding has been changed to balance it for every type of player. It has been changed to overclaim raiding. Standard explosions, from TNT, withers, creepers, etc does not work in claimed land. Blink artifacts cannot teleport through blocks. This means you can safely defend a base by claiming it and leaving no open entrances for attackers. We do not want to completely remove raiding, so we have decided to introduce custom explosives to the server. You will be able to purchase explosives from Xur. These items will be expensive but allows you to explode blocks in claimed land. These explosives will not be buyable for the first few days to give players a chance to build their base. They will be added to Xur soon. Obsidian blocks are more resistant to these explosions compared to other blocks. Remember that these explosives will be expensive, so they will be limited. Raiding will become interesting as you have to carefully plan when it is worth using these items.


Thank you for playing RexCraftia

RexCraftia will reset on October 17th 11:00 AM EST and we will be running advertisements.

After careful consideration and several discussions, I have decided that it is time for some major changes to improve the server network. The current servers on the network are very similar and has since release, divided the playerbase. There is no point in dividing the playerbase when all the servers are almost the same. It will be a more enjoyable experience to combine the servers. It is also more affordable to run a single server instead of three and the remaining funds can be used for other purposes such as advertising the new server. We have purchased advertising for the server which will begin at the same time as the release. You can expect many new players in the next few weeks. (Countdown

The big changes:

  • RexCraftia will be reset
  • RexCrypt will be completely removed.
  • RexCivil will be completely removed.
  • (I will put up a download link for the world files)

Important notes on the new RexCraftia map:

  • Fly will be disabled for the first 24 hours
  • Extinct will be the max rarity (Infinity might be added later)
  • Raiding type will be changed to overclaim raiding
  • Added a new currency called generator points
  • PvP tournament (Weekly PvP event with great rewards)
  • Duel Update (2v2, 3v3, more settings)
  • Added aquatic crate
  • Added tunnel crate
  • Many more updates on the way

Overclaim raiding.

After careful consideration we have decided to change the raiding method to overclaim raiding only. The previous raiding system was flawed. With the previous system, you had two preferable options when it comes to building a base. Either you build an unclaimed hidden base underground, or you had to build a huge claimed obsidian monster. Any other type of base would put you at a huge disadvantage. We believe that overclaim raiding is more balanced. You can build claimed surface bases that are visually appealing. New players also have a better chance of surviving. To raid a base, you must kill the members of the faction to lower their power, then you can overclaim it. You can use blink artifacts to teleport inside a base. If your faction members are inactive they will automatically be kicked, and the faction power will go down. You must stay active to keep your power up. Also remember that this server is more than just a factions server.

Fusion points and generator points.

The previous fusion system was flawed, so this change has been implemented to improve it. We have added a new currency called generator points. Now you will get 1 fusion point and 1 generator point every day. The fusion point can only be used for artifacts and the generator point can only be used for generators. The reason for this change is because having to decide whether to use a fusion point for artifacts or generators had too much of an impact on gameplay. It was essentially useless to spend fusion points on artifacts as generators had a bigger monetary incentive. With the new system you can spend points on both things.

Transfers and what will be lost:

If you have a donator rank or donator command on any of the current servers, you can transfer it to the new primary RexCraftia server.

A reset means that the world is deleted. All inventories, chests, enderchests, rchests and such will be deleted. A new world will be generated, and all players will start from a fresh at the same rank. You will only keep donator ranks or donator commands if you have any of those.

These changes will improve the server in the long run. The single server will receive full attention when it comes to development. Please note that I am currently on my gap year which means my spare time has increased significantly. I will now be able to develop many more updates for the server.

What will happen with the servers while you wait for the reset? Well, we will make the remaining days interesting on the old map. Every player will have unlimited fusion points and access to /kit BeforeReset. These changes will obviously be reverted on the new map.


Thank you for playing RexCraftia

RexCraftia 1.13.1

[Owner] REXThor a posted Aug 21, 18

Minecraft 1.13.1 was recently released. This update includes a huge amount of bugfixes for 1.13. I have been spending a lot of time preparing the 1.13 update and we are getting very close to a release. The aquatic update broke a lot of internal systems in plugins, that is why it has taken so long to prepare the update. Almost all server plugins are ready for 1.13 and you can expect the update to release soon. We have added support for 1.13.1 clients in the meantime but it is still recommended to play on 1.12.2 until we fully update.

Please note that 1.13 and 1.13.1 is basically the same versions but 1.13.1 has important bugfixes. Plugins that work on 1.13 also work on 1.13.1. So, the 1.13.1 update should not delay the update to the server.

The server is expected to update to 1.13.1 within a month or two. I am doing my best to get the update ready as soon as possible. Please remember that I would rather provide a stable server instead of rushing a release that might be full of bugs. After updating to 1.13.1 we plan on purchasing advertising for the server to increase the number of players. On top of that I will start pushing a lot of new content to the server. The next 12 months will be very exciting for the server. Please note that I am currently on my gap year which means my spare time has increased significantly. I will now be able to develop many more updates for the server. I have listed a few of the planned updates that are planned to be implemented into the server in the future. Please note that the list is not in any particular order. I cannot say which project will be added first or last.

Planned future updates: (After the 1.13.1 update)
- Aquatic Crate (With tridents and 1.13-related features)
- Improved raiding (Alternative raiding methods)
- More mob crates (Received from grinding mobs)
- More spawner types (With better rewards)
- Stats (Keep track of actions such as crates opened, etc…)
- Quests (Complete tasks for rewards such as extra fusions, etc…)
- Pickaxe Crate (Pickaxes that can mine faster, 3x3 mining)
- Duel Update (More info coming soon)
- PvP Tournament Update (More info coming soon)
- Ability to fusion seasonal artifacts.
- More dungeons and boss dungeons.
- More prime crates.
- More artifacts.


Thank you for playing RexCraftia.

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