RexCrypt reset

[Owner] REXThor a
REXThor @ RexCrypt
posted Jul 1, 17

We have been forced to fully reset RexCrypt due to technical difficulties.


This means that the worlds and inventories have been reset. Get ready for a fresh start.

If you purchased a one-time package within the last 3 months you will automatically receive the package again. Any life-time packages such as ranks and commands are automatically returned to those who bought it.

Also check out /kit reset which will be available for a short duration.


Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for playing.

RexCraftia 1.12

[Owner] REXThor a
REXThor @ RexCrypt
posted Jun 8, 17

Minecraft 1.12 has just been released.

The server is still running on 1.11.2 but you can now join using a 1.12 client.

The server will soon update to 1.12 with all the new blocks and features. 

There will not be a server reset for the 1.12 update. You will keep all your items!

In celebration of the summer holidays we will run a limited summer sale with 75% OFF on all packages! 

Thank you for playing RexCraftia.

RexCrypt: Launching April 17th 2017

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REXThor @ RexCrypt
posted Apr 11, 17

RexCrypt: Launching April 17th 2017

EDIT: RexCrypt is now live!

Do you enjoy the servers available on the RexCraftia Network?
Are you interested in a fresh start for a new experience?
Then you should give RexCrypt a try!

- All the classic features from our current servers with unique twists
- Fully enabled raiding (TNT will explode in claimed land)
- New obtainable block “Material Generator” that produces in game cash over time.
- Fusion material generators to create more efficient material generators.
- Buy artifact machine blocks to access artifact features.
- The extinct rarity is the max rarity. Allowing for easily obtainable high-end gear.
- The ability to buy all types of artifact material with in game cash.
- Xur at spawn will sell you artifact machine blocks and artifact material.

RexCrypt will focus on simple progression to motivate players to PvP and raid.

If you have a donator rank on RexCraftia, RexCivil or RexCrucible you can request to transfer it to a similar rank on RexCrypt. Contact REXThor on our website or on our discord for donator rank transfers.

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